Zinc Oxide Indonesia Application

zinc oxide indonesia

The zinc oxide indonesia product has become one of the essential and high-demanded products for industries in this country. This time, you will learn about how manufacturers apply and use zinc oxide as one of the essential elements of their production.


Rubber can be said to be the main customer of zinc oxide manufacturers in Indonesia. This industry needs zinc oxide for various things in the rubber manufacturing process.

The main function of zinc oxide in this industry is as an organic acceleration activator. This function is necessary for the vulcanization process. Furthermore, zinc oxide also works as a protection against fungi and UV light that can lower rubber quality.


You can find this process in a paint product. Adding zinc oxide will give the paint product an anti rust property when you use it for metal painting. Moreover, zinc oxide also is very effective for metal, especially steel, coating processes.

Ceramic and Glass

Ceramic and glass are two products that also use zinc oxide in its formulation. You can find it on glaze and frit-type ceramic. Zinc oxide gives more character to this type of ceramic.

For this reason, zinc oxide has two properties that work well with this product. Zinc oxide lowers the melting temperature for the glazing process. Other than that, this material also improves pigmentation on the glass, which creates a better color tone.


Zinc oxide indonesiahas antibacterial properties. Thanks to this property, you can use it for treating various skin conditions. For example, baby powder or baby creams for treating irritation are those that use zinc oxide in their formulation.

Shampoo and sunscreen cream are two products that also use zinc oxide. Sunscreen, especially, can be said as the most popular product with zinc oxide. 

Why sunscreen cream? It is all because of the zinc oxide property that can protect your skin from UV rays.

Animal Feed

You also can add zinc oxide to animal feed. Why is it important? 

Zinc oxide will support your animal, especially livestock, metabolism system. So, a good metabolism will help animals to grow healthier.

Healthier livestock is what you need to create a better animal-based product. That also affects your business in this sector.


Now, we believe you know how amazing zinc oxide is. This material has so many functions and applications, which put it in an essential place in the Indonesia industries. That’s everything you need to know about zinc oxide indonesia. 


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