3 Tips to Know Your Personality and Work Values

Understanding your personality and work values is very important, especially for those who start to work. By knowing those matters, you will know your best workplace and how to deal with the company’s culture. Here are three tips to know your personality and your work values.

Take A Personality Test

The first tip is to take a personality test. You can take a simple personality test online. However, you must choose the right website to take this test to get an accurate result. Mostly, it is a free test, so you can take the test whenever you want. 

Another way to know your personality and work value is by coming to a psychologist and taking a personality test. Here, you can get a more detailed result. You also can ask for some recommendations from the psychologist. 

Asking Your Work Partner

To know your best personality and work values, asking your work partner becomes the second thing that you can do. To do this, you need to make sure you ask the trusted person to get honest feedback from them. 

This way is quite effective because your work partner can see something about your personality that you can’t. After getting all the feedback, you write them down and analyze which point is good and bad side about you in the workplace. 

Record Yourself

Besides those two tips above, recording yourself when you are in the working place is important too. You have to try to analyze your habits and personality in the office. The same as the second tip, you must write down all of your analysis and compare it to your work partner’s feedback. After getting the final result, it is your time to change your bad personality in the place. 

In short, those are 3 tips that you can do to know about how you are in the working place. By knowing them, now you will understand your strengths and weak points. Besides, a better improvement is needed for your bad personality and work value. 

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